15 Designs from around the World That You Will Want to Add to Your Home

This configurative cabinet from Molteni & C has nothing to hide.

Consider the collector’s dilemma: After all that time spent pursuing the perfect items, he ends up closeting away those prized acquisitions, storing them behind opaque doors and within velvet-lined drawers. Kristal, from the Italian brand Molteni & C, presents a clear solution to this predicament. It is a cabinet by definition, but it is also designer Dante Bonuccelli’s irresistible, open invitation to stare. The glass unit gives the traditional display case a neoteric shift with a sleek sliding-door system concealed at the bottom. “The main idea is to create an object as light and transparent as possible so that you can see what there is inside the Kristal without losing space and light perception,” explains Bonuccelli. “You can’t have this sensation with solid furniture….

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