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Riot in the Maldives, is it safe to go back?

Trouble in paradise… It started on November 30th with 13 employees refusing to leave after being fired from the luxury resort island. The situation escalated into a full on riot with over 200 employees clashing with somewhere between 20 and 50 police. Police used pepper spray and electric batons to subdue the crowd and make arrests.

Then Tuesday December 2nd, the employees rose up again with 100 employees protesting. Management says that the strikers have given no specific demands, and that they will be also be fired on Monday with the resort closed, if they do not return to work. 4 days later 200 employees began a hunger strike. Organizers of the protest say that they are following tactics that worked for the employees of similar resorts in Manafaru and Cinnamon.

No resolution has been reported as of yet.


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