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Even while flying First Class, traveling on commercial planes can be a migraine-inducing hassle. And while private planes offer comfort, security, and luxury in the friendly skies, owning a private jet can be cost prohibitive (and even seem a tad NoseView Interior Resized Blue Star Jetsoutré) in this economic climate. 

But what if you could find a semi-private jet that would ensure sophisticated, non-commercial airline travel for less? That’s just what you’ll find with the ShareAJet exchange, (created by Blue Star Jets, the world’s largest private aircraft broker) a “social networking site” for travelers who seek to fly privately together.

Confused? Here’s how it works:

The ShareAJet Exchange helps clients connect with other flyers planning trips to similar destinations, and assists in arranging shared flights aboard specific private jets. If a trip to your destination is not posted, you can also upload your own itinerary in order to “match” with that of another traveler.

Think of the benefits: a typical flight from NYC-LA on a private jet can cost around $25,000, while a similar flight through the ShareAJet exchange costs just $12,500, saving you serious green—Alexis Korman.

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