Historic Housing

The 13th-century St. Thomas Monastery is one of seven historical monuments in Prague that comprise the Augustine, a new hotel near the city’s commercial district. Clustered around courtyards and gardens, the seven restored buildings now house 101 luxury hotel rooms, a restaurant, and two bars. The monastery, which retains areas for several still-practicing monks on its grounds, houses the hotel’s 90-seat restaurant within its glassed-in courtyard. Also, every guest room affords views of the picturesque monastery chapel and its gardens. 

The property, which includes two hotel suites, retains several historic features unearthed during construction, including wooden ceilings, wine vaults, and stone arches, while stalactites from the 17th century are showcased in the grotto bar. The three-floor Tower Suite boasts panoramic views of the surrounding rooftops and spires from its top-floor bedroom. Suites start at about 5 a night. (www.roccofortecollection.com)

Alexandra Foster

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